Sabre Girls 2015 Spring Hockey: 12U/14U Welcome Letter



Sabre Spring Players and Parents,

Thank you for joining us for the 2015 Girls’ Spring program! Our goal for the program is to develop the girls’ skills and allow them to become familiar with the entire women’s coaching staff that will also be coaching in the fall. We will be officially starting the spring session on April 7, and we will have practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

One day a week we will be focusing on specific skill development (shooting, passing, agility, skating, etc.)  with station-based training, and the other day we will work on “playing” skills (teamwork, situational awareness, strategy, etc.) with movement and flow drills. The U14 and U12 age groups, as a whole, are unique in the fact that the range of developed skills is very wide. The coaching staff will always take this into account when designing practices to insure that each player is pushed to their limit and excels in skill development.

Each ice sheet will have the complete support of the Sabre Girls’ Hockey female coaching staff. A number of different coaches will always be on the ice. This allows the girls to receive different types of instruction and allows for one-on-one instruction if needed.

Coach Lauren is also providing dryland before each ice as well as dryland/skills sessions to work on shooting and stickhandling each weekend at Commissioners Park in Naperville. All U14 and U12 girls are encouraged to attend if they can, but these sessions are by no means mandatory. We understand that the girls are off doing other sports and activities and we support this 100%. Participating in other activities develops well-rounded players and people, so please encourage your girls to do activities outside of the rink as well. We just ask that you communicate your schedule conflicts with the coaches as soon as possible so that we can plan practices according to the number of girls we will have on the ice.

The coaches will be in contact with you prior to the start of the session to inform you about the specific dates and times of all off-ice training. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the coaching staff.

We thank you for your participation and are excited for a successful spring season!


Ramey Weaver    


Cell: 907 360 3066


Lauren Mellen


Cell: 630 973 3810


Kayla McCaig


Cell: 630 470 4328


Shannon Wright


Cell: 630 738 1438


Alexis Giudice                                                         


Cell: 630 664 4288


Kelly Smith                                                            


Cell: 847 224 9241


Kathy Shei                                                                


Cell: 847 340 9826


Abbey Revelle                                                          


Cell: 618 623 9963


Mikeala Anderson                                                    


Cell: 701 721 7753


Marianne McLaughlin


Cell: 734 735 3969


Brianne Hanson

Email: Bhanson941@RobertMorris.Edu

Cell: 630 538 0826



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