Our Sabre Girls Tell Us Why They Play Girls Hockey

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We recently asked our Sabre Girls (and their parents) why they chose to play Girls’ hockey. Here’s what they had to say….


“What I love about the Sabers girls team is how we never give up and it’s very competitive. Another thing is that I get to be around the other girls that love what I love and we get to learn together.  I really hope some of the girls who play with the boys can come party down with us and hope we can get new girls to join us too!!!! It has been a great experience for me.  Girl Power!!” – Ella V., 12U Team


“My team is my family!  Being on the girls team got me soo much better; I’m way more skilled. The girls are strong and competitive – they never quit. Win or lose we are always happy of what we have accomplished!” – Aunna, 12U Team


“I play girls hockey so I can have more strength than the boys and so that I can make new girlfriends” – Audrey Redell, 10U Team


“I like playing with girls because you don’t have to try to act like a boy, you can be a girl and there are lots of girls. Girls aren’t puck hogs like boys are” – Helena Siska, 10U Team


“Growing up I started playing hockey with a boy’s peewee team. I believe this hindered my confidence and skill greatly. I almost never got the puck in games and when I did the other team just viewed me as an easy target to practice their checking techniques on. The transition to girls’ hockey was a whole new experience! I was given way more time with the puck without having to worry about some boy waiting to throw me into the boards. Off the ice, we bonded far more than I was ever able to with my boys’ team. Feeling like I was a part of a team and having teammates that would cheer me on gave me the boost in confidence I was lacking on my boys team. Overall girls’ hockey has proven to be a better fit”. – Carly Lang, 19U Team


“I love girls’ hockey because it has given me incredible and unforgettable childhood memories that I will remember forever. I have been taught by many coaches who have changed my life and have greatly impacted the person I have become today. They and the many girls I skated with have become lifelong friends and mentors that I continue to stay in contact with today.” – Maddie Monroe, 19U Team


“I’ve never played on a boys’ hockey team, although I can imagine that if I did I would not have made nearly the same amount of meaningful connections with the other players; I have made lifelong friends. I also love the opportunity that the older players have to “mentor” the younger girls. Playing on an all-girls team has also helped make me aware of the opportunities to play hockey after I graduate from High School. Our club hosted the High Performance College Showcase where I made numerous connections with college coaches at the ACHA and NCAA D3 level. I also attended a college seminar that was very helpful.” – Anna Cockey, 19U Team


“My daughter plays girls’ hockey because of the team Unity, friendships & comradery (locker room & travel). Coaching – we are fortunate to have a former DI All-American coaching our girls (Ramey Weaver).  If you want your girls to start having conversations about playing hockey at a higher level (high school, college, etc.) about what it takes, experiences, etc., I can’t think of a better person to talk to or mentor (someone that has been there and done it). GIRLS HOCKEY ROCKS!!!” – Pete Schulte, 12U Girls Parent


“I like hockey because it’s fun and it relaxes me!” ~ Cori M., 12U Team


“I like the competitiveness. I feel like when I’m on skates, I can do anything!”- Teegan M., 12U Team


“Win or lose we are all the best of friends and we always will be!! P.S. Know one does the nae nae like us !!!” – Chase, 12U Team


“I started out playing on a boys team and really liked it. I had no idea what I was missing until I joined the girls team. We have so much fun in the locker room laughing and dancing before practice and games, I didn’t get that with the boys teams. I was usually the only one in the girls locker room. When we are practicing or playing games, we work really well together as a team.  None of us go to school together so it is great to come together on the ice a few times a week and share in doing something we all love with our friends. We had so much fun at our Girls only hockey tournament, I can’t wait for the next one. ” – Morgan Nuyttens, 12U Team


“I played boys hockey for nine years before I made the transition to girls hockey. While I enjoyed playing boys hockey, I never realized how much of the team aspects of the sport I was missing out on until I made the switch to girls hockey. Playing on a girls team has allowed me to bond with my teammates and be a part of the team in a way that I was never able to while I played boys hockey. Switching to girls hockey is a decision that I have never regretted.” – Nadia Studnicka, 19U Team

“My hockey team is like a second family to me. We are close and have so much fun together both on and off the ice! I don’t think I would have the same experience on a boys’ team. With the girls, I get to be myself!” – Sofia Tamayo. 12U Team


 “I play girls’ hockey because when I played boys hockey in 8th grade we once played a team that did not seem to like the fact that they were playing against a team with a girl on it. Once I joined a girls’ team I feel as though I improved skill wise much faster and more efficiently and I felt as though I was more a part of the team since I didn’t have to change in a separate locker room all of the time. I have school friends, but I’m not nearly as close with any of them as I am with girls on my hockey team. Something about suffering through a tough workout, working together for a game win, and picking each other up after a sad loss brings us closer together as opposed to competing against your friends at school for the best score. I’m a senior this year and I will be graduating come May, but the memories I’m going to remember most won’t be related to high school at all, my best memories from high school will be those with my girls’ team.” – Nicole Jajic, 19U Team


“My daughter is very shy .. She played with boys and NEVER talked …. Playing with the girls last year changed her life .. She is talkative and has friends on the team .. Girls hockey was a God’s send!” – Bob Neubeck, Parent, 12U Team


 “Girls hockey is really fun. Our coaches are really nice and make us laugh at every practice and every game. Even when we are tired they make us smile. I also have made great new friends. Girl power! What’s not to like? : – )” – Hannah Castro, 10U Team


“I like hockey because I like making new friends and also because it’s fun! Hockey is fun because you work as a team. The people on my team are like my second family. We have so much fun on and off the ice and no one knows how to whip and nae nae like us. BTW Aunna can do the worm like no one else!” – Daphnée, 12U Team


“Hockey is more than a sport! Playing with the girls brings out the best in me and I feel like I can be myself. We are a group of friends who are there for each other no matter if we win or loose. Playing on that team is like a family!!” – Marissa Lyons, 12U Team

“Playing my favorite sport with my best friends, I couldn’t ask for more. We have some really good moments during the games, at practice, at tournaments and we are also supporting each other in the harder moments. Sabres girls rocks!! – Maureen T., 12U Team



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